Licence Art Gallery Exhibition Hall Side View




$NT:4500 dollar


Material: Digital Color Jet, Cold Laminating Film

Quantity: 50 Pieces

The origin of this print comes from Li Cheng-Liang's 2017 solo exhibition - The Wannian Station on the Road. After the exhibition, Li Cheng-Liang's current artworks are mostly device types, which are more difficult to collect. Before the exhibition, he visited the studio multiple times and decided to publish two versions─Studio Side View and Licence Art Gallery Exhibition Hall Side View, photographing limited prints to support the collection.

Besides from the limited photography prints, all published albums of The Wannian Station on the Road after the exhibition each contained a personally engraved No.1 Rock piece by Li Cheng-Liang.

The Wannian Station on the Road Introduction:

This piece deconstructs the one-sided experiences of Li's personal life to generate an alchemy-like unmanned theater. On the road, his eyes wander over street signs, far-near lights, and his cell phone screen. The Wannian Station in the distance is his space station, and the rock is his brain. Forcefully re-stating/reshaping the props of his life without putting in actual work is like when people get up and walk around or stretch for a few minutes without actually exerting themselves, to try to prove that their life is still on track. If you come, you can sleep in the room and sing in The Wannian Station.