LEE Kuen-Lin

1965               Born in Tainan, Taiwan

1989               Bachelor of Fine Arts, Chinese Culture University

1992 ~ 1995  Member and founder of Border Culture Art Salon

1997 ~ 1998  Member of Shin Leh Yuan Art Space

1998 ~ 1999  Member and founder of Prototype Art Space

2001 ~ 2003  Member and founder of Pioneer Art Space

2002 ~ 2005  Member of Rice-Flour Noodles Club

2005 ~ 2009  Member of Onion Faction


Solo Exhibition

1992      Bo-Ya Art Center, Tainan

              Demonstration of Chauvinism in Ecology, Border Culture, Tainan

1993      A Sorrow Gentle Wind and the Scene, Border Culture, Tainan

              Double Solo Exhibitions, Pompadour Art Gallery, Taipei

1994      Breeding, Border Culture, Tainan

1995      Meditation in a Coffee Shop, Tainan Municipal Cultural Center

1996      Draft-Note, C.K. University Phoenix Tree Gallery, Tainan

1997      Matrix, Energy-Environmental Installation, University Rd., Tainan

1998      Bird Cage, New Paradise Art Center, Tainan

1999      Five MEMBERS Falling Prostrate, Prototype Art Space, Tainan

2000      Transform, Double Solo Exhibitions with Shu, Tsiguei at the    Railroad Warehouse in Giayi

2001      Profound Imprint, Licence Art Gallery, Tainan

2002      Clouds Flying Parallel, Focus Arts, Tainan

              Irrelevant Domains-Wensien, Paints Company’s Little Penthouse, Tainan

2003      Ever Since the Ancient Times Folk Songs Come from the Mouth, Licence Art                Gallery, Tainan

              I Knocked Down My Own Shadow, Rice Den, Ren De

2005      Knight and Hobbyhorse, Homerlee’s Art Center, Taipei; Licence Art Gallery,


              Twitter of Birds Has Broken My Daydream, double solo exhibitions with

              Chan, Giaguu, Shahuli Gallery, Shinchu

2006      Awaken, Safulak Art Gallery, Shinchu

2008      One-Foot Celestial Being’s Journey Map, Licence Art Galley, Tainan &


              Taipei International Art Exposition , Taipei

              Beijing International Art Exposition, Beijing

              Shanghai International Art Exposition, Shanghai

2009      Depth of Fishing, Safulak Art Village,Hsinchu

              Songs of the Mountain,Lee Gallery, Taipei

2010      Lee Kuen Lin Memorial Exhibition, Tainan Cultural Center,Licence Art Gallery


Group Exgibition

1992      Opening Exhibition, Border Culture Art Salon, Tainan;New Taiwan      Gellery,Taichung

1993      5th Taipei County Fine Arts Exhibiton,Taipei County Cultural Center

              Times and lmage,New Phase Art Space,Tainan

              Border Ⅱ Exhibition , Department Ⅱ , Taipei

1994      Environmental Protectin Installation Exhibiton, Inauguration of the Women,    children and Youth Center of Kaohsiung County

              Surroundings Installation,Tainan Municipal Cultural Center

              Possibility of Writing,Tainan Municipal Cultural Center

1995      Texture of Mind, Suncity Life Study garden,Tainan

              Border Group Exhibition,Tainan Municipal Cultural Center

1996      Tainan-Phenomenon, Wu Garden Gallery,Tainan

1997      Public Exhibition, Wu Garden Gallery, Tainan

1998     A Tale of Two Cities, Tainan-Boston Culture Interface,Boston

             Scope and Boundary, Prototype Art Space,Tainan

1999    Group Exhibition of Contemporary Artists of South Taiwan, 18 Lane Garden,    Tainan

            Anxiety,Sin Pin Pier-Absolutely Art Space(SPP),Kaohsiung

            Splendid Years on End of Century Group Exhibition,Prototype Art Space,Tainan

2000    Driving City 2000-Creative Space Connection, Huashan Art District, Taipei            
            About the Prototype of Art, Prototype Art Space, Tainan

2001    Tainan-Tokyo-Paris Cultural Interface Exhibition, Vanguard Art Workshop, Tainan

            Vanguard Artist Seizes Command, Vanguard Art Workshop, Tainan

2002    Flying Clouds, Taitsi Artists'Club, Interchange Gallery, RenDe

            Search for the City Ⅱ, an Unknown Summary—Harbor, Dog Pig Art Coffee Shop, Kaohsiung

            Cricket, Steamed Bun,Ping's Brain, Taitsi Artists' Club, C.K. University Art Center, Tainan 

            Tainan Twin Years Exhibition, Tainan Municipal Art Center

            Prefecture City Cultural Renewal, Culture Renews Prefecture City, Prototype Art Space, Tainan

            Surprising Idea of a Chair,C.K. University Art Center, Tainan

2003    Vanguard Stolling, Vanguard Art Workshop, Tainan

            THE CHARISMA,La•Da-La Rice-Flour Noodles Club, THE CHARISMA, Prototype Art  Space, Tainan

             Very Milk-fish — Shadow and Secret,Licenece Art Gallery, Tainan

2004     Confucius, One Three Six Art, Tainan

             Contemporary Art Exhibition of South Taiwan, C.K. University Art Center, Tainan

             Southern Art Images-Art's Super Tropical, Art Expostition,  Pier 3 Warehouse, Kaohsiung

2005      Inauguration Exhibition, Tsaoshan Licence Art Gallery, Taipei

2006      Taipei International Art Exposition:New Shapes and Different Faces, Huashan Creative Cultural Garden, Taipei

              Contemporary Aestheties, Licnece Art Gallery, Tainan; Tsaoshan Licence Art Gallery, Taipei;Family Gallery, Taipei

              Dialogue between the Ocean and the Land, Taiwan-Hungary Art Interface Plan, C.K, University Art Center, Tainan

2007      Deep and Free, Taipei Technical Univ. Arts Center

              Anion, Safulak Art Village, Hsinchu

              ART TAIPEI 2007, Taipei World Trade Center Hall 2

              Young Mister, Taiwan New Arts Union, Tainan;Safulak Art Village, Hsinchu

              House Warming, Licence Art Gallery, Tainan

              Combat Readiness ‧ Paradise, No.15 horn village, Matsu

2008      Beijing Art Exposition, The China World Trade Center, Beijing

              ART TAIPEI 2008, Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1

              Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai Mart

              Onion Faction VS Paint House Forum & Studio Artist Workshop, Paint House Gallery & Studio, Tainan

2009      New Green, Clinic Gallery, Tainan

              Wu Qing Mo, La France Verte, Tainan

              Art Expo Malaysia 2009, MATRADE Exhibition and Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

              Tainan Hwa Kang Arts Festival, Cultural Center, Tainan

2010      Bugs , 102 Art in Open House, Tainan